Ambient was founded by a group of experienced, industry professionals who identified a clear gap for an innovative, technically astute and client focused services provider. Ambient continues to grow based on our team’s unique abilities to:

  • Understand our clients and their unique project needs
  • Work together to utilise our collective and expansive industry knowledge
  • Deliver solutions which represent superior value and deliver future cost efficiencies for our clients

Ambient was built around three core values of quality, integrity and innovation. Our ongoing commitment to our values differentiates Ambient within the marketplace, making us the company of choice among those who demand quality from their service providers.


We take pride in our company and the collective industry expertise of our staff. We believe that providing quality products and services guarantees customer satisfaction.


We create a climate of trust with our clients through effective two-way communication. We operate with an open book policy and a commitment to business ethics.


We are dedicated to innovating through ongoing training and knowledge acquisition. This allows us to develop customised solutions which deliver future cost efficiencies to our clients.